The record financial review of Bayern Munich
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The record financial review of Bayern Munich

On Friday evening, the Bavarian club presented its accounts on the season 2016/2017. And a record was beaten.

Often presented as a model of financial management, Bayern Munich is faithful at least to its reputation. Yesterday evening, on the occasion of the annual assembly organized by the leaders of the club, the accounts of the last exercise were publicly presented. " And unsurprisingly, they are particularly good. In spite of the elimination in quarters of Champions' League and the failure to reach finale of Cup, Bayern reached a 640,5 million euro turnover and a 149,1 million euro operating profit, a record for the club ", explained Jan-Christian Dreesen, financial director of the Inhabitants of Munich.
Figures which place the German training very close to European record holders - 708 million euros of turnover for Barça for example, who beat its record too - and that's not all, because the champion of Germany titular was especially a hit at the level of profits. The profits before tax of the club so increased by 22,2 %, amounting to 66,2 million euros, and 18,6 % after taxes (39,2 millions). Amounts which no other big European stable manages to reach at present.
" The excellent situation in terms of income and the increase of its financial power allows Bayern to make the necessary investments to continue to be in the European elite by being competitive ", added Dreesen. We shall also note an increase at the level of the socios of the club, passing from 284.000 to 290.000 within a season. One might as well say that even if the sports results came to get more complicated, Bayern could always lean on a financial health except standard.