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BMW sold 100 000 vehicles electrified in 2017
Posted in 25/12/2017 by admin. category: economy
BMW sold 100 000 vehicles electrified in 2017

The tower in four cylinders BMW is one of the symbolic buildings of the modern architecture of Munich. Inaugurated in 1973, the siege of the group, the blue building and the steel 100 meters high, evokes the power of the internal combustion engine, the speciality of the German car manufacturer, originally the manufacturer of engines of plane. In the evening of Monday, December 18th, by the magic of the illuminations, BMW transformed the famous cylinders into four electric cells. A spectacular way of celebrating the sale of 100 000th vehicle electrified of 2017 (on a total of 200 000 sold since 2013) and to mark his advance in the domain. According to a study POLK / IHS appeared at the beginning of December, with 21 % of market share, the group from Munich so arrives at the head of the new registrations of vehicles electrified in Europe.

"Electrified" and not electric. The difference is considerable, because BMW includes in this category all the vehicles equipped with a refillable hybrid motorization. By counting only the purely electric vehicles, the sales figure would be lower, around 30 000. It is the number of copies sold last year of the BMW i3, a small purely electric city-dweller thrown in 2013, the cycle of growth of which " was contrary to that of a usual vehicle ", as it is explained at the builder's. A way of saying that the small car needed time to win the heart of the traditional customers. The latter remain globally more amateur of the "truths" cylinders, those who roar on the German highways. BMW should sell this year more than 2,4 million vehicles of which a third of SUV (4 x 4) urban in the motorization gasoline or diesel.